Joshi Farms has  ton of attractions that are more than capable of entertaining you during your stay with us. So, if you are a person looking to take full advantage of your stay, these attractions are surely going to keep you busy



The Stone Palace is the best attraction at Joshi Farms, made using black stones to revamp the style used by Kings and Queens back in olden times. Inside the castle are all modern amenities like two living rooms, a well-equipped kitchen, 4 lavish AC bedrooms, with furniture that truly completes the circle of a medieval castle. It also has a private swimming pool and a big sit out area, making it the best place to just kick back and relax



2 AC banquet halls are available at Joshi Farms with seating capacity of 200 guests for social and corporate functions. These are perfect to host a small event and enjoy your time without having to worry about the organizing part.


Offering Rain Dance Set Up , For Ourdoor Party


A vacation cannot be truly relaxing if there isn’t any place that radiates positive energy, where you can just sit and absorb all the spiritual vibes and truly feel relaxed and have your batteries recharged. The Guru Datta temple at Joshi Farms serves this exact purpose, with lovely landscaping surrounded by a fountain and a garden. The Guru Datta temple will help you connect with your inner self and truly experience the calm and serenity of Joshi Farms.



Joshi Farms has a great and relaxing meditation center where you can forget about all your worries and introspect yourself to reach higher and better levels of self-understanding.



Joshi Farms has lawns if you’re looking to host big family or corporate events, Joshi Farms have a lush green lawn ideal for functions under the starlit sky. The lawns have a holding capacity of 1500 guests. The lawns also have 2 big stages.



Apart from the Stone Castle, another attraction that will take you back in time is our Peshwa Mahal. With its intricately designed pillars and finely carved Burma teakwood arches, it truly represents the pinnacle of royalty our ancestors achieved. The ceiling has grand chandeliers and the floor has lavish seating. A get-together or a traditional photo-shoot are just two of the numerous ways you can use the Peshwa Mahal.



Lush green farms and a goshala that will remind you of the simpler days .The Goshala and Farms provide fresh milk, dairy and fresh vegetables for our customers. The farms have a very calming vibe, and you can have nice lunches under trees to really live the calm rural life of our villages !

Planning a vacation with family ?

Relax and Enjoy your Holiday

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