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 We are present 24/7 to cater to every one of your needs and make sure you have the absolute time of your life during your stay at Joshi Farms

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Few Words About Us

Serving Best hospitality

When it comes to a comfortable, lavish, and magnificent stay at a royal stone palace built to reimagine the way Maharajas and Maharanis lived, Joshi Farms has it all covered. We have built Joshi Farms with the sole objective of giving our guests the experience of their lifetime and take them on a journey back to the elegant and luxurious times of royalty. Joshi Farms is the best place to relax or host an event in the entirety of Pune and its surroundings.

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Why You Should Visit Our Royal Joshi Farms ?

Living the life of the 21st Century everyday is one of the most tiring things a person has to do in their life. Travelling, working, dealing with all the stress of modern hectic life is very draining and we feel everyone deserves rest. With this in mind, we are available at Joshi Farms 24/7 to cater to and satisfy every single need you have, making sure you don’t have to lift even a single finger! A few days at Joshi Farms and we assure you, your batteries will be fully charged to go back to your routine life again for a few months at the very least before you visit us again! So, come down to Joshi Farms today and enjoy the rest you deserve

Planning a vacation with family ?

Relax and Enjoy your Holiday

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